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WinScale is a digitizer takeoff tool designed to work either as a stand alone application or in conjunction with any Windows spreadsheet (Excel, Lotus, Quattro Pro, etc.), Database (Paradox, Access etc.), or estimating program.

WinScale measures areas, lengths, and counts items along with solutions for: concrete, framing, roofing, flooring, drywall, and practically any other building trade. Among these features are slab/footing takeoffs, roof layouts (with hips, valleys, joists and buy lengths), tile layouts (for acoustical & ceramic flooring) and many more. It also has a formula generator that can be user customized, which lets you apply an equation to any measurement, and has unique 3-dimensional takeoff abilities. These aren't just "assemblies" where you provide a simple factor - these features actually draw and layout components exactly as they will be built - and report the precise quantities (including buy quantities) - All at the click of a button.

WinScale also lets you use your digitizer as a mouse so that you don't have to have two hands busy while you are digitizing. You can plug answers into any Windows program, print out graphical (color coded) representations of your takeoffs (complete with notes) and even use the takeoff graphics in any Windows program (as part of your presentation, for instance). WinScale has the solutions for digitizer estimating.

WinScale is remarkably easy to learn, our typical user is very comfortable in about 20 minutes.

WinScale is a construction estimating takeoff tool that works with Numonics or GTCO Calcomp Digitizers.

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