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Note: Roll-Up III technology provides outstanding portability and reliability, however the Roll-Up III does not operate reliably with documents printed with conductive inks. Blueprints and copies typically do not contain any conductive ink; however some inkjet printers may use black conductive inks. For these types of documents, we recommend the Super L IV digitizer, which is not affected by conductive inks. Another option is to use a dye-based ink instead.

How should I clean my Roll-Up Tablet?

The digitizer should be kept clean and dry. Clean the digitizer with a mix of isopropyl alcohol and water.  Do not pour solution directly on the digitizer; wipe clean with damp cloth.

What surface should I use with my Roll-UP?

Roll-Up Digitizers require a surface under the entire digitizer.  Measurement of the digitizer is based on the footprint area, not the active digitizer area.  The footprint measurement is the total area of the digitizer which is always more than the digitizing area.  Never allow your roll-up to hang over a surface.

How can I avoid “Dead Spot” areas on my Roll-Up?

Pencil Marks. Pencil marks contain graphite. Graphite is a conductor and will interfere with proper functioning of the digitizer. Erase any pencil marks from the tablet. If the plans or paper resting on the tablet have pencil marks, remove the plans and see if this action corrects the problem.

Objects in contact with the digitizer. Be sure there are no metal objects (such as staples) on or below the digitizer. A Roll-Up cannot be used effectively on a metal surface. Be sure there are no electronic devices (such as a monitor, phone, radio, or even a keyboard) on the digitizer tablet because these devices can cause interference.

Dirt or film build up. The digitizer should be clean and dry.

Static electricity. Try to ground yourself before using the digitizer. If the air is very dry, try using a humidifier. An anti-static air spray and/or grounding floor mat may also help. Clothing made of synthetic fabric also creates a lot of static electricity. If static is a problem, you may want to minimize how much synthetic material you are wearing.

Cuts or slices in the tablet. Cuts or slices in the tablet may result in dead spots. If you believe your tablet is damaged in this way, call GTCO Technical Support.


How should I clean my Digitizer Tablet?

You can use Windex and a cloth to clean the surface of the tablet. DO NOT FLOOD THE TABLET WITH CLEANING SOLUTION. Excess fluid may enter the tablet, shorting out the components. Visit our Construction Estimating Software Website:  www.constructionestimatingsoftware.ca

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