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"Modelogix - your answer to developing a defensible, realistic budget in a tight time-frame."

Modelogix is cost modeling software that leverages the value of project cost history across your entire multi-office company. It looks at companies past public shed estimates to form a conceptual estimate.

Modelogix is a Microsoft SQL database of:

  • Estimated costs authored in WinEst estimating systems
  • Estimated costs authored in other estimating tools (Excel, Sage Timberline, etc.)
  • "As built" costs from project management solutions

Modelogix conceptual estimating software is tightly integrated with WinEst, but is also a stand-alone application. It can work with estimated or data from countless estimating and project management software systems.

Modelogix supports user defined smart categories which provides an organizational structure for project cost history when building a conceptual estimate.

Modelogix allows any and all related project files to be attached to the project cost data, providing additional project details during the cost modeling process.

Modelogix provides detailed unit price analysis across all projects in search results, i.e. minimum unit price, maximum unit price, median unit price, unit price variance and even standard deviation.

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